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Annually 25.000 tons onions are packed in our own packing station. Because of this we stand close to our product, and we can always keep an eye on it. We can also act flexible to our customers. All different sizes and packages are possible.
Several varieties of red and yellow potatoes are grown by our own growers. Almost all of our potatoes come from the Northern coast areas. Due to the heavy clay in these areas we have a strong quality product.
For carrots we cooperate with several serious partners, all with their own speciality. Because of this we can adjust quality, flexibility and different types of packaging to the request of our customers.
Our own growers supply us constant with good quality white and red cabbage, with possibilities for several types of packaging.
Beetroots, celeriac, swedes and leeks are also products we are specialized in. Due to our good contacts with several growers and packers, we can always fulfil the request of our customers.

About Konaxx

Konaxx Trade BV is a packer, grader and exporter of Dutch Onions, Potatoes, Cabbages, Carrots, Beetroots, Celeriac, Swedes and Leeks. We are located in Sint Jacobiparochie, in the north of The Netherlands. A young and enthusiastic team is ready to serve you as good as possible.

Annually 25.000 tons of Onions and Potatoes are graded and packed by Konaxx. Our packages vary from 500 gram up to 25 kg, bigbags and bulk. We can deliver the whole year round. We help you with full loads, mix loads and part loads. Due to our excellent cooperation with other packers, we have several possibilities to load everywhere in The Netherlands.

Konaxx exports mainly inside Europe, with Scandinavia, Central Europe and the Baltic countries as most important areas. Our customers are supermarkets, wholesalers and processors.

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